Crazy Nights in Papalimani Beach Bar and Restaurant, Thasos

Athina Ioannidou
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During daytime, Papalimani beach bar is a common beach bar in Thassos, but at night it transforms to a fairy bar next to the sea.

Some people say that Thassos is not a party island and you can hardly find a proper night bar to hand out and have loads of fun, but Papalimani is a pure exception. Oh yes!

When the sun falls behind the mountains and the night starts to make everything a little bit more mystical, night people start to appear in Papalimani's amazing bar.

It is not only the drinks or the cocktails, but it is the place and the people that make this Bar such an exceptional place. Here, you are not going to meet the common tourists.

Papalimani also serves food for the hungry visitors and also has a lounge area where you can pick to read from a wide range of books and magazines. You can definitely spend the whole day there, starting from a morning dip in the sea and some tan, having lunch or dinner later on, ending up at the bar having something great to drink from Anastasis and his fairy ladies.

Don't hesitate to talk to people around you, as most people in Papalimani are very open and like to talk about all things, from the weather to philosophy!


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