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Alonissos Beaches Beach Marathon at the East. * Before reading click here and let the song play at the background. We had only six hours at our disposal to discover all suggested beaches by Joanna. And as she made very clear the eastern beaches were the best. We began early in the morning and we...
Alonissos SteniValla Casa Kalypso It could be the home of Calypso, the nymph that enchanted Ulysses and kept him away from Ithaca for seven years. Kept him on the island, in the gardens, around all this beauty and she magnetized him precisely as we were magnetized while at the balcony of Casa...
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Alonissos - The other island (as a friend of mine says), is one of the islands I love the most because it offers all these things i am looking for: Nature - Sea - Serenity. Alonissos is the third island of Sporades islands and, in my opinion, the most beautiful. I chose it for this years vacations...