Greece Travel Blogs

Greece Travel Blogs

On this page you are very lucky to explore some of the most exciting Greece travel blogs and posts written by real people who love to travel in Greece and talk about it with passion. We are gathering all those travel bloggers we love to read and get inspired from. Each blogger has its own way to experience Greece and travelling and a unique way to express on the beauty of Greece which is what this collection is all about. So enjoy, read, get inspired and travel!

Top 13 Things to Do in Azores Portugal

Azores is one of our bucket list destinations. Portugal is great. It is. But when people in (and out) of Portugal think of summer vacations they think of Azores. Plenty of things are available in Azores, even for the most demanding travelers. There are things to eat and things to do. Azores are hot! How else could it be? Azores and volcanoes are one and the same thing. Placed in the Atlantic Ocean is maybe that ocean’s best kept secret. It...

4 Gates of Hades Locations Not To Miss in Greece

Visiting all places in contemporary Greece that relate to Hades (God of the Greek Underworld) can be a challenging thing. Such places are scattered all over Greece. One may think that such location could be set in some weird looking, dry places in Greece, where mist and “darkness”, and fear exists. You know something like “Mordor” and such from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yet, that couldn’t be more wrong. In fact...

Apollo Greek God of Sun, Light, Music, Prophecy

Apollo is among the most interesting gods. He was well known as god for: music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, afflict, medication, sun, light and understanding. He is the spawn of ZEUS and Titan Leto. His twin sister was Artemis and they were both bornin the Greek Island of Delos. When you see statues of Kouros you actually see Apollo. This was the definition of perfection; athletic, without a beard and young, He was highly connected to the...

Folegandros Island in the Aegean Sea

Folegandros has 3 little towns, Karavostasi (the dockyard), the Chora, Ano Meria and Agali Beach that are interconnected by paved roads. What attracts attention immediately is the endless series of “dry-placed” walls that have basically been well-known over the hundred of years by the people to establish porches on the warm gradients of the location to be able to raise grains. At Folegandros the church of Panaghia, on the top of a...

Greek Food Experiences All Over Greece

Greek Food is really famous in various forms all over the world. Either you know it as “Mediterranean Diet” or “Cretan Diet” or under any other name still remains the same mouth-watering concept. Greek food is well known to be nutritious when it is not “mixed up” or “modernized”. It is not just about the Greek food, but also about the analogies and types of foods Greeks consume per week. For...

Discover Amani

Have you heard about our cause #Amani2018? We are committed to provide Amani area of Chios a bigger exposure this year. Through we are intending to give Chios visitors a guide of the most interesting spots for spending quality time with friends and family. View of Vollisos from its caslte. Photo courtesy of We have started presenting Ariousios, a visitor’s friendly winery thanks to the support of Anna Lagou...