Greece Travel Blogs

Greece Travel Blogs

On this page you are very lucky to explore some of the most exciting Greece travel blogs and posts written by real people who love to travel in Greece and talk about it with passion. We are gathering all those travel bloggers we love to read and get inspired from. Each blogger has its own way to experience Greece and travelling and a unique way to express on the beauty of Greece which is what this collection is all about. So enjoy, read, get inspired and travel!

Reviewing Decathlon Trekking Gear & Mountaineering Karpenisi

I think most of our readers who are interested in hiking, trekking and mountaineering have heard of Decathlon, right? The company is one of the top sellers for sports and outdoor gear in the world. A few months ago they approached us to discuss the possibility of a gear review for one of their product series. We came to an agreement and they soon provided us with some clothing to test during our adventures. We decided to review the gear on one...

Ariousios Wines of Amani, heritage of Chios

In Amani and in Egrigoros village, northwest of Chios town, the famous from the antiquity area Ariousia Land has become a landmark within Chios delicious trails where the nearby vineyards produce excellent wines, the unique Ariousios wines. Launched in 2009, the wine making facilities of Ariousios S.A., has a capacity of 150K bottles of wine, reliving the legend of Ariousia Land. Local varieties of Chiotiko krasero and Agiannitis for the...

How to Turn Your Camping Trip into an Adventure

Organize your camping trip and get ready for majestic adventures. Why? Trying to fulfill the demands of an increasingly fast-paced and technologically driven society can sometimes get very stressful on your end whether you admit it or not. This is why you would want to take a vacation every once in a while, so that you can unwind and recharge. While there are countless ways for you to spend your vacation time, camping is perhaps the most...

After Hike Recovery: 10 Essential Tips on How to Ease the Agony

I can feel your after hike pain. To tell you the truth though, that agony you are having right now is entirely reasonable to me. Every time I go for a backpacking trip, the hiking is what drains me the most. I am not saying that hiking is not worth it. It does not only makes the body fit, bond with my family, friends but also gives me time to camp with my naughty dog. And of course, it is an opportunity to appreciate what nature offers. Hey, if...

RealChios has appointed as Hikers’ Friendly Ambassador

Since the first days of December 2017, Hikers’ Friendly certification scheme has a new ambassador. RealChios proudly accept its nomination as Hikers’ Friendly Ambassador aiming to promote Hiking Activity and support Hikers on the island of Chios. The Hikers’ Friendly certification scheme is devoted to confirming that businesses in the area of Greece are ready to support hikers and to provide them with upscale services in compliance and in...

Mouzaliko Hotel

Mouzaliko – A traditional Hotel in Kambos area of Chios The ‘Mouzaliko’ is a family-run guest house which offers bed and breakfast. It is situated in the heart of Kampos, a very green, peaceful area with a rich historical heritage. It is 5 kilometers from the center of Chios town and 2 kilometers from the airport. Enjoy a pleasant, comfortable stay The ‘Mouzaliko” is a beautiful family-run guest house with a simple decor in earthen...