The natural jacuzzi of the "Fairy Waterfalls" in Kythera.

Iosif Papadopoulos
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When i was little and people talked about the "Trip to Kythera", my mind got lost in the slow scenes of Aggelopoulo's movie and i had an opinion about the island through the directors eyes. Then i discovered that nothing can be compared with the a real trip to Kythera.

I decided to do my own trip to the island almost in my early 30s and i must confess that it took me too long to go there. Endless beauties pop in my mind when i think of Kythera. Beautiful beaches, green-blue water, small picturesque villages and delicious food! What else can you desire?

But most of all, there is one place i will never forget, a place called Fonisa or Neraida Waterfalls (Fairy Waterfalls). A place of extreme and exotic beauty, well hidden in the west part of the island, near Milopotamos village. Milopotamos took its name from the watermils existing in the area, which were used to grind the wheat. The local Myth sais that the waterfall were named Fonissa (killer) because a woman was killed there by another woman.

I will let the myth behind and try to focus on the reality, the feelings you get from this place. An image which will always be on your mind, whatever.

The water running from the waterfall into the first of the many lakes of Neraida Waterfalls. A small lake with 3m depth and chilled water. The tall plane trees will offer you their shadow during your hiking time. The water takes its green color from the trees and the nature around. Nothing to do with the color of the sea.

We had the amazing priviledge to see Dragonflys dancing around us and we managed to take some photos of these mythical creatures. Following the river down we disapeared in the extreme nature far away from the technological world. Every few metres we found a different natural lagoon, not very big, almost for 2 people to enter and enjoy a natural jacuzzi with chilled water. At the end of the path we met the Watermills left there to fight for their existance against the relentless time.

If someone takes you there with your eyes closed you will not be able to realise you are in Greece, because what you are going to see is equivalent to the Amazon.

The Fairy Waterfalls will always be printed on my brain, because i am pretty sure they were created by real fairies. An in fairies we trust!


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Hey there, i am Iosif and i am 28 years old. I work for a private company but my free time is all! I have covered more than 500,000 km in Greece and almost 30,000km in Europe by car. But still believe that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, having to many places to discover. Every year that passes my trips reduce but i try to grab every opporunity to satisfy my need to travel.

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