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With Nikos Ntagkas and Olympus Adventure you can do what we call outdoor activities. Don't you worry. You don't have to be champions of Kayak to follow him in Penios river, but watch out some turns are pretty hard to manage. If Kayak is too much for you then you can try hiking the Penios Delta or...
We were in a hurry to leave behind the bustle of the city. Even this traffic on the highway was kind of annoying. In our minds, we had some amazing photos of Soulioti’s mansion , the guest house that would accommodated us for a few moments of relaxation. Before entering to the downhill of Tempi, we...
Some history. The Tyrnavo's carnival is a tradition with more than 100 years of history. The locals say the tradition revives the ancient greek fiestas: Dionysia, Thesmoforia, Afrodisia, Thargilia, or that it was started from the Arvanites race who settled in Tyrnavos around 1770. What's so special...