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Until recently I only knew about the famous Petrified Forest of Lesvos. After my visit to Evros region i learned that there is also the Petrified forest of Evros , near Lefkimi and Tehero villages, 20 km away from the known silk productive Soufli village, in the very North East of Greece, near the...
Whenever I heard about Evros, my mind flipped to the Forest of Dadia , without being able to explain why this is my first relative connotation. I was lucky enough because, although it was December when we visited the area, the weather was excellent, with a bright sun making the landscape more...
It was the first time I was going to Evros region in North Greece . The trip started with bad weather and rain and the more we travelled heading to Lefkimi a village more than 300km from our starting point, my curiosity about this infamous guesthouse with its rare and unique name " PETRIFIED FOREST...