Traditional Greek restaurant the "Beautiful Greece" in Thessaloniki

Athina Ioannidou
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Proclaims itself  as an "opsopoieion" ("opson" is "everything that is manufactured using fire in order to cook" and "opsopoieion" is "the place where the “opsa” are manufactured).

Mr. Paul Mavroyiannis the owner and waiter, was there to suggest, to encourage, to prevent us with his simple and peaceful way. A man of the earth and the sky.

Smallish but full of colors, images, artwork large and small, the Beautiful Greece, as justly calls itself, is a fine place as for the beauty and truly Greek to the taste. The combination is amazing. If you have friends from abroad you have to take them there, to see what Greece is like, rejecting once and for ever eating fish & chips.

Lick your fingers.

Get ready for the big pleasure. We ate Cretan Apaki (a delicious type of meat), Nivato (sweet and sour cheese from Ellasona), wild chicory salad from Crete with dry ricotta cheese, hummus and homemade Luvia (type of legume).

What a revelation. Tasting the extraordinary.

I always seek for new flavors and I like surprises.

If you are a taste explorer the time has come to visit the “Beautiful Greece” (also in general).


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