Magical Thessaloniki in August and why this is my choice

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Thessaloniki: Wow!!

These where my fist words when i set my foot on Thessaloniki, after 15 years in Germany. When i first experienced Thessaloniki's night life, i was shocked (positively ofcourse).

I must say i fell in love with the city. Now i am still in love with her but our relationship has changed and matured. I also met her bad sides, but i chose her to accompany me for the years to come.

I cannot realy explain this "love" feeling that i am getting, but i can tell you when it hits me and where. You might want to follow my suggestions.

First of all: I met Thessaloniki during the summer, i think i was August. It was hot outside and most people have gone on vacation. This is the time when the city chills out, gets rid of all these people, and slows down a little. The city becomes a big neighbourhood.

Second: This period of time is the best to choose you favourite spot in the city, because you can judge objectively. I prefer some small tavernas in Bit Bazaar area, or a Beer house on Alexander Svolou str, or even a bench on Aristotelous square next to a 24/7 mini market. This kind of excursion in the city remind me of my youth and freshen me up a lot!

Third: I love to take my bike and drive through the empty city, like it is yours. Magic and fresh air fill my heart and mind. So i drive slowly, the traffic lights never get red and i can hear the bird twitting on the trees.

This kind of calmness and emptiness just chills me and i feel i am the concquer of Thessaloniki, ready to reveal all her hidden secrets that are covered by the ordinary voice of the city.

Forth and last: This is the best time to meet new people that as you can imagine have stayed back in the city for the same reasons as you!

I choose Thessaloniki in August and not Vacation in August and now you know all the reasons.

If you are interested i will take you a ride.


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I was born and raised in Germany, but moved to Thessaloniki in 1998. I love to travel and meet new cultures outside Europe, but my favorite place is Thessaloniki. My profession is to help companies increase their extroversion by using online media.

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