Wine experiences in Fabrica De Vino, Athens.

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Wine experiences in the center of Athens!

A bottle of a fine red wine, delicious tapas served all day and special friends to share them with you.

This is the most successful type of psychotherapy for me and definitely my favorite.

It was a lazy Sunday in the center of Athens, when we ended up at the almost invisible, Fabrica De Vino, on 3rd Benaki str. By that time i did not know, that this would be the start of a long time, almost monogamous relationship with one of the most respected wine bars of the city.

Industrial design, fund, soul and jazz rhythms, young people with casual style and chill out after work drink atmosphere, which reminds me of a European city. In this atmosphere you are able to choose from the best Greek vineyards.

Welcome to wine paradise.

Fabrica De Vino is a two-minute walk from the crowded underground station of Omonia. Treat yourself with a glass of your favorite grape variety and don't resist to take one with you at home, since Fabrica De vino is also a wine shop.

Personally, I have to admit my "love" for the waiters, who are suggesting the best wine depending on the time of the day or the mood or the company, always in a friendly and humoristic way.

You get the ritual of the wine in the most unpretentious manner. What's not to love?


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