Fresh beer at "La Beeraz" bar in Athens

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Because many of us are confused, let's take things from the start!

Judgement < (judge): separation, selection, the result, the outcome (of the Dictionary of the Ancient Greek Language, I. Stamatakos) ... good, huh;!

The time, therefore, of the crisis is the time for selection, to sort out things. The good ones will survive and with success! Wasn't it about time? Personally, I get into this sorting mood for all the parts of my life, even for my entertainment. That's why when I visited La Byraz for the first time, I kept a small basket.

Needless to say, it proved me wrong, cause it turned to be one of the freshier and most pleasant places I've visited for some time! With carefully selected music and a relaxing environment i tasted a list of wonderful Greek beers and enjoyed with my friends the cool "Avdi square" right in front of the bar (ideal for couples ;)).

There were children playing at the square until it was late, a fact that surprised me pleasantly knowing the efords made to upgrade and reform the area. I chose to taste fresh beer from Chios which excited me a lot and as a perfect mezze, i took some extremely tasty quesadillas, which were a gift from the owner of "La Beeraz", Petros.

Petros also told me that "La Beeraz" is a place oftenly visited by artists and actors and every Thurdays it hosts a swing music party. I will definitely attend the next one!

Are you asking me If I would visit it again? Absolutely! As I mentioned at the beginning, it's time to highlight what is real, what and who do what they say they do. And the promises of this bar are real: we all left delighted with a spontaneous thought in mind: "We will return!"


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