Lila and her Coco-Mat Guesthouse "Agia Kyriaki" in Southern Pelion.

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So we found ourselver in Agia Kyriaki village to meet the welcoming Lila of the neoclassical traditional Guesthouse "Agia Kyriaki". Lila, who chooses to stay there from spring to the first winter breeze, took very good care of us and took us to the surrounding villages, especially at Village Trikeri. She was our guide to the best in the region.

The hostel's building belongs to Lila's family for generations. When she took charge of it she decided to renovate this old neoclassical building, keeping its traditional character while turning it into a guest house with all modern conveniences.

The decor is simple and uncluttered with respect to the rich local tradition of the area. The great asset of the hostel, is the hospitality and the opportunity that gives visitors to gather together and make barbeque parties beneath the sour orange tree in the courtyard. Located by the sea and very close to harbor, overlooking the mountain, is the place to relax and enjoy a weekend of serenity.

The "Guesthouse of Lila" (so they also call it) is, for many reasons, the best option to start your excursions around the area. We give you only some of them:

  • You will sleep in the gentle layers of Coco-Mat. Comfort ...
  • Breakfast will delight and surprise you. Lila chooses only the best for her guests and always dares to suggest something different.
  • Lila is your person. She will untie your hands because she has everything what you ask before you ask it. In our case it was ... hair oil instead of conditioner.
  • The village of Agia Kyriaki is small and quaint and the food is very good to stay somewhere else. Ask Lila, she'll tell you.
  • The Guesthouse has everything. Within this everything a courtyard with Seville orange trees and a barbeque place is included helping the hostess organizes bonding event for her guests. 

Want more? Do not wait, book your next weekend with Guesthouse Agia Kyriaki and enjoyed the intimacy that Lila will give you together with lots of tranquility, generous nature and excellent food.


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