Nafplion, the magic of the city.

Eva Krokidi
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I enter the central square and first thing i see is the statue of Kapodistrias looking at you. I will try to find my hotel and in the meanwhile i get lost at the city's narrow streets and i see renovated hotels, pansions, bougainvilleas, small touristic shops, cats, flowers and students that came to the Historical Nafplion for an educational excursion.

I left my things at the hotel and i stroll at the pavement looking around. I suddenly become a teenager my self, i go up and down stairs and i osberve the picturesque details of Nafplion that travels me back to centures of history. I feel nostalic.

I cross by Saint Spiridon church and i feel the aura of covernor Kapodistrias who was assasined at this same spot. I remember his passion about Greece and how his mission was left in the middle. I am deeply moved but i try to overcome it, but if you have also visited his grave in Corfu, then you feel that Kapodistrias was your favorite ancestor.

I move down to Sintagma Square and after that to the small port to experience the combination of mountain and sea. On the one hand i see the Castle of Palamidi and on the other hand, in the sea, i see Mpourtzi. Both the monuments were once upon a time prisons, but now you can visit them and feel good for your freedom.

I go back to the city right at the heart of those red bougainvilleas, i smell the flowery decorations of the shops, i photograph the old but beautiful doors and the balconies over my head. To end the day i buy a fresh ice cream and think about my whole day. The images, the smells, the feelings, the history and all the essenses of Naplion city.

A magical city, indeed. What do you think?


About the Author

Eva Krokidi

My Name is Eva Krokidi, born in Corfu but have been living in Patra. My job as a School Consultant demands my travelling in 16 different places which i like to visit also as a tourist. I love travelling and my top destination is ofcourse Corfu. Travelling around the world, participating in a Brazilian Carnival and a Crouise to Alaska are my ultimum goals. Until then i travel and photograph anything passing by.

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