Chios: Medieval ages in Mesta Village.

Christina Maniati
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The Medieval ages: castles, knights, pirates ... I would give anything to get into the time machine and live there for a while.

But I found an easier way! I take the ferry from Piraeus port and sail to Chios island.

I arrive at the island and immediately head to the south, at a place called Mastihohoria (or else Gum-villages).

My final destination is a village called "MESTA". When i get there i immediately feel I'm in the Middle Ages.

It is a Castle village, with big walls which are the outside walls of the village houses, with no windows on the outside. You just see a castle wall, but inside there are people living.

I go inside ... Daedalus! Narrow streets, covered. Small house door. I do not know which way to go.

I definitely need the Ariadne's thread to navigate myself, as Theseus did. In the end i trust and follow my instincts, which hardly ever fool me.

I am at the square of MESTA, "meadow" the locals call it. I'm planning to light a candle in church of the Archangels and then sit for coffee at one of the traditional cafes next to it.

I'm imagining the poeple as knights, gathered around me, with their horses left nearby among the streets.

I keep wandering beyond the square. I start observing the house windows with their neat curtains and the bunches of tomatoes hanging over my head.

And suddenly there he is. A little prince going down the alley on his vehicle ... a red bicycle with training wheels. He goes by me like he is in a hurry, maybe to meet some of his fellow "knight" friends at the centre of the village.

As for me, i continue with my journey between the Middle Ages and 21st centrury.


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Christina Maniati

I like to travel and travel is for me an investment and a source of knowledge for every human. In my free time i travel around Greece. In every place i visit i tend to learn people's habits and customs, i like to taste their local food, to visit archeological spots and museum and to enjoy the nature. I also like to combine my love for travel with my love for photography. 

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