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Athina Ioannidou
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Modigliani =  Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, was an Italian painter and sculptor.

Modigliani is place in Thessaloniki, with an aura from another age. An era when Saturdays where the days people chose to gather in the Central Market of Thessaloniki (Kapani) in order to do the weekly shopping. Fruits, vegetables, meat, olives and underwear.

During this Saturday ritual, most people used to rest in small little caffes or taverns in the Market so as to enjoy the small delights of life: Coffee or Ouzo, Tsupouro, mezze, music played by the residents and philosophy.

Modigliani Caffee carrys a name with a heavy bruden, which is depicted in the architecture and the design of its inner and outer space. It gives you the sense of an intellectual simplicity, combined with an easy going and human profile, mainly due to its people and residents. This place is situated almost in the middle of the Central Market ( you can also call it Kapani) where you can enjoy, alone or with company, its big arches and the fresco on its walls.

We were looking for different cultures of people, genuine food, colours and music and we found it there. The Cantadores of the caffene will enjoy you every Saturday noon with Greek (rempetiko) and Balcan music while different tribes of people will cross next to you.

We loved it because it transfers you to a place and time, where the city disappears and the urban noise is eliminated. Like a black whole in the centre of the city. Its difficult to find such an oasis in a big city.

Try the mezze they offer you and the tsipouro.


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