4+1 places to go when you visit Naousa

Anna Gala
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In the afternoon I headed down to the town of Naoussa.

The Clock Tower

This walk led me in front of the town hall admiring the "Clock Tower" or the "Clock" as it is known. It is the landmark of the city, built in 1985.


Once I admired it, I continued to walk towards the neighborhoods Alonia, Pouliana and Batanes to admire the old houses. I felt nostalgia for that time, which was able to offer so many things as our grandparents say. It was getting dark and the rain went harder. I would like to find a place to relax, to observe people, to see the nightlife of this city.

Alexander the Great

In this moment, I am on the main street of Alexander the Great. There are plenty of cafes on the street, to choose the one that fits you. 

Saint Nicholas

What should i do now? The environment fosters improvisations and so i end up in Saint Nicholas. There, your ears' and eyes' thirst can be literally sated by the goods of Mother Nature. Waters flowing, the leaves' rustling, birds singing and the local flora smelling harmonically in combination with the freshness of the flowing water.

I can see friends relaxing on the wooden benches, couples strolling, a young boy took his dog for a walk and the church of Agios Nikolaos is just beyond this street. I walk inside, I light a candle and I continue my ride for a little more. After all that smells and the big walk it is the ideal time to have lunch.

Municipal Park of Arapitsa

I stopped at the Municipal Park which is build at a site that looks like a natural balcony, hanging above the lakes and the narrow streets. 

This park is connected, through the pedestrian areas at the banks of river Arapitsa, to the area that the sacrifice of the women of Naousa took place in 1822. This is where the great waterfall of Stoumpanon is located. I looked around the place and a feeling of compassion overwhelmed me for the women of Naousa that laid down their lives,alongside with their children’s, to elude the Turkish capture. 

The custom Spilio

As I left the city, the crowd filled the streets and a parade began. It was the first Sunday of Lent and, like every year, the people of Naousa celebrated the custom “Spilio” with singing, dancing, the “Gennitsaroi and Mpoules” mpouzouki performances and sour wine, pies and localdesserts offering. 

All these days made me feel fulfilled. Colours, images, thoughts, scents, senses, flavours. I hope you traveled a little bit with me, but don’t settle for just my experiences. Get out there and live yours!


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