The Nature of Goumenissa, through my eyes.

Stergios Pap
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The nature of Goumenissa wins the heart of the most discerning excursionist. The area is literally "drowned" in green. Wherever you look nature dominates. 

On the first day a group of people from the village organized a hiking on a hillside next to the mountain. The view was incredible. We could observe the whole village and the surrounding slopes, like a Panorama Photograph. As for the vegetation impressive! 

Of course we happened to visit Goumenissa during a very good season when the meadows were filled with beautiful, colorful flowers. The perfect place to escape from the daily routine and relax close to nature. As we were informed by the locals, this hillside gets really crowded especially on nights with full moon. Locals gather here to make picnics or attend fiestas, since it has many organised spots with benches. 

The next afternoon, Maria, the owner of the hostel "Demosthenes" suggested we do a little excursion to the river village. So we started nature walk. The route was unique and the further we got from the village, the more beautiful the surroundings became. Before getting to the river we passed a Fountain which stood by the roadside under a large tree. Perfect time and view for some picture. After about 20 minutes of walking we reached the river. 

All I can say is that we did not expect such a landscape! Streams, small waterfalls and a little older, wooden bridges, many trees and underneath benches for picnics. 

In the end we reached to the river and walked along it, with the company of the singing birds.


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