October: Mushrooms time for Mountain Paggaion, Kavala

Athina Ioannidou
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October is the perfect month to visit Paggaion Mountain. Not only because of the beautiful colors the trees get and the retirement from summer to autumn, but also because it is time for Mushrooms.

You have to wait for a nice rain to fall in the area and then you are ready to climb the mountains and reach to the mushrooms that grow mostly in liquid areas, under branch of trees, or under a bunch of fallen leaves.

You have definetely steped on many hidden mushrooms without knowing it, cause they are these mysterious and strange guys that like to hide. Well some of them are of different mentality so they like to expose themselves and grow on top of tree's trunk.

Don't expect us to indicate a specific place where you can find the mushrooms, because there are all over the place. We took the road that leads to the small chalet of the Climbing Club of Kavala and half way we did a stop to explore the nature.

Do you know the Amanita muscaria. You must if you have been a fan of "The Smurfs". You can find them only in one place (next to challet of the Climbing Club Of Kavala), but DANGER: don't eat them!

Also great for photography lovers!


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