Carnage, the shelter of boats and people.

Athina Ioannidou
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What would you say to head towards the Kamares of Kavala, in the back part of the city where it was once filled with artisans many years ago.

I am taking you to the Carnage, where in the past, but even in nowdays, the owners guided the boats, the trawlers and the speedboats here to rest, to groom and to be repaired. After this grinding, they were ready again for new adventures.

There, the same artisans of the ships built a shack where they were sitting back, drinking, eating and singing.

So this shack has been maintained until today, as a " small tavern " and accepts all the hungry crowds, ie us.

The experience of space is very special. You will understand it when you see it from the outside but also when you go inside. From the windows of the tavern you will see the beach and the elevated ships which are ready for repairing. Many times you will see the captains to stay indoors and wait for the dawn to begin the repairs.

I suggest fried fish and grilled octopus, but also meatballs for meat eaters. Do not forget to order salad tabbouleh, which they make very tasty.

If you are very lucky, you will maybe meet people with Greek and Turkish instruments playing traditional and folk music which will honestly excite you.

In Kavala's Carnage, then.


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