"Sweet Cafe", the sweetest one you will find in Drama.

Elena Almp
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The "Sweet Coffee" is for those who seek eating dishes to the accompaniment of their beverages. In simple words "Sweet Coffee" is a wine- Cafe Patisserie in the picturesque area of Drama, where the past meets the present.

A special place, with tons of relaxation and tranquility where you can enjoy your coffee, drink or dessert, traveling to the magical worlds of flavors and fragrances. The great atmosphere combined with the corresponding accompaniment music, make's "Sweet Coffee" the ideal place to enjoy an afternoon coffee.

Uh, and some tips at the end. If you have artistic concerns, in "Sweet Coffee" an art exhibition with purchase possibility.

Regarding the food!? Try the chocolate pie, you will remember me!


About the Author

Elena Almp

I was born in Greece, and more specifically in Kavala. I love every kind of art because i believe that art help us to express our feelings, and is the best way to remember every moment of our life as well everything are worth remembering! One of my biggest dreams is...let me keep it a secret!!! ;)

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