An unforgetable stay at GAIA Guesthouse, in Dilofo, Zagoria.

Athina Ioannidou
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We got in the car and set off to the beautiful DILOFO village in Zagoria. We would be hosted at the Traditional Guesthouse GAIA

Mr. Yiannis, owner of GAIA greeted us warmly and made ​​us feel like at home from the beginning. 

After a tour around the Guesthouse we went straight to our room, which was spacious and exquisitely decorated with exposed elements of the architectural tradition of Zagoria. Simple and warm lines. Wood and stone that we all love.

The fireplace in our room made ​​the difference and we had our own wood to burn which made our experience even more idyllic. We sat long hours in front of the fireplace, with wine and other treats. 

The mornings were a mix of tranquility, relaxation and a simple but rich in flavor breakfast, with local delicacies. And after the breakfast of the champions we started our hikes in the stone village of Dilofou and the surrounding areas that are worth visiting.

Mr. Yiannis was the first man who guided us in the region. What would we do, where should we go, what about the architecture and so many other questions were answered. Always ask the locals. They know better. 

We recommend staying at the Traditional Guesthouse GAIA to all of you the nature lovers and mountain hikers, to the romantict and the restless and all those who would like to escape to a place that will provide you with true hospitality and countless beauties.


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