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Hello my friends. In this article i will try to triger your interest about one of the most beautiful beaches in Evia.

Petali beach, is one of the most visited beaches for free camping and as the time passes it is getting hotter and hotter. I hope you visit one day to experience the beautiful nature. I have to say that all my free-camping friends loved this spot. It is very easy to get there and you have easy access to shops, water and people.

Going there
It is 54km away from Chalkida towards Dirfis mountain. You get to enter the mountain which is a beautiful experience too before you arrive at the beach.

The scenery
Petali beach is right next to the highest mountain of Evia, Dirfis mountain and has an amazing view towards the Aegean sea. The sky there is always so full of stars and the beach is surrounded by high rocks and green trees, the most beautiful wall i have ever seen. This is why camping is so ideal.

The people
At Petalis natural garden you will meet many different people of all ages and even if you go alone you will find your perfect company. People are sharing their food, the fire, their opinions, their company. If you want some lonelyness you have to get there during June or September, when no more than 10 people will be there.

If you are ready to go to Petali beach, please check the weather, as the wind sometimes tends to blow very hard. My tent was broken once, so be carefull. So have fun, hope to see you there!


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Πέρα από την όμορφη παρέα του alternatrips μπορείτε να με βρείτε και στο προσωπικό μου ιστολόγιο.

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