OINOSCENT cellar & wine bar in Athens.

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Even though we are not wine experts or fanatics, Oinoscent is one of the bars we support and visit now and then since day one.

The owners, Agis and Dannis, are good friends of ours and they make sure we learn something new about wine and it's culture every single time we show up.

For us Oinoscent is the perfect meeting point downtown Athens after a stroll around Plaka, or a long day at work. It's clean, fresh, smoking free and quite. A perfect place to chat and brainstorm.

For the rest of the people there are many good reasons to visit, mainly because there is always something happening...

Frequent wine testing of local and international labels, presentations of new wineries, different wine list every month and of course tasty side dishes with fresh and absolutely yummy ingredients.

Prices are reasonable, perfect environment, non smoking (rare in Greece).


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