Exarhia's Tavern to feed your hunger, in Athens.

Athina Ioannidou
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We were wandering around Exarhia's square, hungry and desperate for a good meal.

We started going towards Ippokratous str, which everybody told us has many small taverns with home made food, but we were not very confident for that choice. We have been many times to Ippokratous's taverns and we are bored of them. We wanted something new and exciting.

And what is best than asking the local for food and tavern suggestions! One of them led us to "Kimmatothraustis", on the corner of Trikoupi str and Valtetsiou str.

"Kimatothraustis" is the breakwater in english and indeed it bounced the waves of hunger from our stomachs and heads, in extreme easiness. Food was hand-made and ready for us the moment we entered the place, with a great variaty of cuisines and tastes.

You will find Greek cuisine, but also, Chinese and Libanise, salads, pasta, meat dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The concept is simple. You take a plate from the end of the corridor, big plate (6 euros), small dish (3.5 euros) and you choose from the variaty of home made food and salads. You can add as many tastes as you like. After filling up your dish, you continue self-servicing yourself: hand towels, glasses, beer, spoons etc and you are ready to occupy a table!

The time has come to enjoy your meal, so concetrate!

p.s. Do not forget to pick up your empty dishes and glasses and take them back to the kitchen. It is the policy of the tavern.


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