Toxotes village, near Nestos river and Xanthi.

Athina Ioannidou
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We visited Toxotes village for a weekend of chilling and relaxation, with my best friend.

We chose Toxotes for three reasons: 1. It is right next to Nestos river, 2. It has amazing surroundings and activities, 3. It is 15 minutes away from Xanthi city.

A rural village with a great history in smoke production and a beautiful and old train station which is still used to serve the train route of Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis.

I would suggest you took the train from Thessaloniki or Alexandroupolis if you want to get to Toxotes, unless you are not the patient type of guy or you want to take your car.

We managed to take the train from Toxotes railway station to traditional Stavroupoli village, which was less than 20 minutes destination. Why we did that? Because the train follows the river and the trip is amazing since the train passes through pure nature.

I imagine the old days of Toxotes, when the archers used to make their arches (Toxotes means archers in Greek) and used them to practice near Nestos river. We didn't meet any archer while being there, but we found a lot of self-growing Plum trees called "Kokimelon", which grow from the fertile land of Toxotes. Don't hesitate to taste plum marmelades and the fresh local butter and buy some if you may.

What activities we had.

  1. We took the 1hour route next to Nestos river.
  2. We took the 20 minutes train to picturesque Stavroupolis village.
  3. We canoed Nestos, but you can also go for rafting, cycling etc.
  4. We bathed at Nesto's Delta.
  5. We went to the "View" of Nestos, right up the mountain, where you have a panoramic view of the areas around.

We had dinner at.

  1. Mezedo-peimata taverna, owned by Sakis and Georgia. Best food and very very cheap.

We had coffee and drinks at.

  1. Cafe-bar Nessos, right next to the river
  2. At Xanthi city with is blooming with life.

We stayed at.

  1. Kokimelon Guesthouse, the best choice you can take.

L vita e bella, even in the most detached places.


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