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This beautiful metropolis of tobacco, Xanthe city in Northern Greece, was said to have been named after the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and others say it took its name from the amazon Xantheia who once reigned the area. Since then this place was inhabited, conquered, developed and during 18th-19th century, while in Athens sheeps used to feed around Acropolis, the ladies of Xanthe wore expensive toilets from Europe and pissed in ornate porcelain toilets. It was then that they named Xanthe "little Paris". The golden era of tobacco, when Armenians, Jews, Greeks and Turks gave vitality to the city was gone and left very vivid remnants you can still enjoy in the city.

In the birthplace of Music Composer Hadjidakis, with its 100 Mansion houses and a paved old town the residents still look like they are dancing Charleston in the city's squares and the University students stroll around the streets, the coffee shops, the co-working spaces and the Progressive Union of Xanthe. From all that the city has to offer are going to make a list of our favorite ones.

Must see 

  1. The first thing you need to do is a walk around the spectacular old town, to experience the old times, observe the Tobacco Merchants' Mansions and engage at the city's life. Many mansions has a special story you can read on special signs.
  2. The Folklore Museum - it is nothing like all those boring Folklore museum you have previously encountered, but one of the most beautiful mansions of Mr. Kougioumtzoglou family, one of the city's tobacco traders and yes you will get a taste of how they lived back then. Paschalis will talk to you about the city, the building and the family who lived in there.
  3. The bazaar - every Saturday you will find yourself in one of the largest bazaars of Northern Greece with flavors of Greece and Turkey
  4. The House of Shadows - Simply Amazing! Search for Triantafillos, the creator of this wonderful art of shadows from Trash Art. He will become famous, so make sure you buy one of his creations.
  5. The F.E.X - the Progressive Union of Xanthi which has offered so much at the city's culture, is definetely going to offer you some splendid nights of music, cinema, dance or theater. Look for their schedule.

Places to sleep

  1. At Happy Living Hostel - in this very special Hostel, the only in Mexican colors and DIY creations, you will find a cozy retreat with Parisian music.
  2. At Kokimelon Guesthouse - 15 minutes away from Xanthe city by car, but in such a beautiful landscape. Worths staying over for a couple of days.

Places to drink coffee or drink

  1. At Dili Dili - for Reggae, Rock n Roll music and Indie
  2. At Teflomega - for sensual drink
  3. At Mikro - for university events
  4. At Guernica - for lovers of rock

Places for food

  1. Mezze bar - for oriental flavors and Seker pare dessert
  2. 41 - the tiny and colorful tavern at 41 Venizelos Str.
  3. Asotos - for raki-mezze-symposioum
  4. Cafeneio of Hatzi Retsep for simple Turkish flavors (Venizelos Str)

Places to see

The Bookstore 2 (Venizelos Str)
The Tsepelo - antique and hand made creations  (Venizelos Str)

Any suggestions from you Alternatripers? Please leave your comments for consideration!
Have fun, live slow!


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