Kokimelon Guesthouse at Toxotes village of Xanthi.

Athina Ioannidou
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Kokimelon or else plum tree is the tree of Toxotes village, cause this tree with its delicious fruit, grows on its own at the fertile land of Nestos as natures desires.

The name Kokimelon was picked by Mrs Eleni Petropoulou, the owner of Kokimelon Guesthouse, an accommodation which deeply impressed us. I am taking about a very big farmhouse with beautiful surroundings and building on it. It is situated around trees, cultivations, plum trees and water.

Mrs Eleni confessed that this farmhouse belonged to a great Muslim smoke producer and used to have more than 4 buildings on it, of which where only saved three. Eleni restored one and a half of them and aspires to complete all of them as her first occupation is that of the engineer.

We stayed at the central building with its 5 rooms, where the muslim owner's sons used to habitate with their families. I imagined the life this building used to have, the facilities, the old kitchen, the fireplaces, the ovens.

I also imagined the period of smoke collection, when more than 40 workers used to collect and pack smoke leafs in this farmhouse. I imagined the overland bridge connecting two of the buildings, as Mrs Eleni told me it was back in 1950.

Our room was spectacular, made of stone and wood and furnishes in a romantic way, with lovely furniture and handmade curtains. The room's windows overlooked at the wild nature of Toxotes village. We also had our personal cock who waked us up every morning. 

The outside yard was very big. I coudn't even see the end of it and then i was envy about this piece of land and its traditinal buildings. 

We heard that during June, the neighboorhood is celebrating the renovation of the two fountains situated right next from the Mosque.

Additionally on the 15th of August, Toxotes is celebrating the birth of Holy Mary, holding one of the biggests fiestas in the area and keeping its old traditional ways.

Thank you for the lovely accommodation, for the delicious breakfast, for the handmade pies, the plum marmelades and the aesthetics of the guesthouse.

Hope to see you again!


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