The House of Shadows in Xanthe by Triantafillos Vaitsis

Ioannis Vryzas
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How difficult is to experience? Collect experiences, gaze them and make them your own in your soul. There are some lucky people (i would say unlucky) who saw several things at an early age, and now its difficult to get impressed and to stimulate their senses. I am in Xanthe surrounded by such images, familiar and nothing seems capable of upsetting my internal dementia.

My evening was usual, some wine with friends and acquaintances. Among them one guy of those with a peculiar style, a little bit of rockabilly at the whiskers and beard with a special aura said he is an artist, making shadows from thrash, and I thought "that sounds interesting" but still i didn't expect much.

Suddenly darkness and above some light and unique shadows, I was speechless I had never seen something like this before. My internal dementia turned to something else, something majestical and my soul felt again like a child that looks at the world for the first time.

A medley of junk turned into something unique. Sculptures not more than 30-40 centimeters, under specific lighting, display shadow images that the artist wants to create. Something mystical there is in this art, as it has to do with light and shadows.

What role does the sculpture play with this"natural phenomenon"? It's the means by which the artist expresses himself, firstly through the physical dimensions of the sculpture, secondarily throug the materials used and ultimately through the coveted shadow images.

The art of shadows, as revealed to me by the artist, is not something new. The innovation introduced by our pioneer guy was the dual shadows, one sculpture creating two different images, great images. Of those that tell a story that definitely impresses.

I spend a lovely 2 hour and maybe 3 or 4 hour in the artist's space, he called it the House of Shadows. For others its a museum, for me it was just something that made me say here something new, here something impressive.


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