Happy Living is Xanthi's unique hostel we loved.

Athina Ioannidou
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I discovered it quite by accident, as you discover things that are to happen. Only three months old, someone told me, freshly painted and tidy from the creators and of a DIY culture, with many different colors and small works of art in every corner. That's what i'm talking about!!

We threw our luggage on the legendary Jimny Jeep which take us everywhere and we headed east. The city was waiting for us with open arms and so did George, the creator and inspirer of Happy Living Hostel. One of the most cordial and open persons we have met in our travels in Greece. How different would be the inspirer behind the name Happy Living. This is not a name, it's an attitude!

"I will change my career, I will change my life," said a George some time ago and made the turn, got this beautiful mansion in the center of the city and transformed it into a truly joyful place. He put color, favorite handmade items, taste and nice music and made a small miracle, like those people make out of love.

In this 1920s mansion, once lived a wealthy tobacco merchant who knew what he did. Unfortunately we were not able to gather enough information on his resume. The only thing we learned was that downstairs, where now is the coffee hostel, was once the stable and the two top floors with high doors and ornate ceiling, hosted the family.

Now the atmosphere is completely different. Mexican colors and Japanese partitions between rooms, handmade tables, beds made from pallets, old typewriters, a yellow bike, vintage posters of Cigarettes Nestos, French music, swing and belle epoque, literature books forgotten on the tables, unforgettable places in the world to see and an amazing breakfast espresso with orange peels and coffee beans. All these lifeless objects take life from the stories they carry and the people that surround them.

Happy living, what a wonderful phrase, It means no worries for the rest of your days, forget your problems be a philosopher, Hakuna Matata.

Do not think about it, there are countless occasions to visit the Happy Living Hostel and as many others to be found in Xanthi. Expect to make new friends and meet open hearted people. Because in Xanthi we become friends!


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