The Forest of Dadia and the birds of Evros.

Evi Vagianou
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Whenever I heard about Evros, my mind flipped to the Forest of Dadia, without being able to explain why this is my first relative connotation.

I was lucky enough because, although it was December when we visited the area, the weather was excellent, with a bright sun making the landscape more beautiful and bright. The people working for the preservation of the forest, greeted us with great kindness and willingness and informed us about the alternatives we had.

We decided to take a look at the Exhibition of photos and some Information material, watc the video for the guests and then take the shuttle bus which took us at the observation deck. At the Observation deck we were given a couple of new binoculars so we took position.

It was an unprecedented and unique experience to stare at the vultures, buzzards, crows, tailed and black kite, of which our guide informed us, to muncher the remaining of a mule in the so-called feeders, or just basking in the trees lazily, as it seems that the sunshine inspired and delighted them too.

We went back to the entrance on foot to enjoy the forest walk, a path whose label was very good and after about 50 minutes of loose walking, we arrived at the building of the body, just before the day ended.

It was an easy and relaxing path, quite beautiful, which I recommend to all of you. During our hike various birds flew over our heads, but the most shocking image was that of a vulture flying with a three meters wingspan!

Tip: if you are going to visit the Forest of Dadia head to Soufli and take the old country road, which is particularly beautiful with lush vegetation and beautiful colors!


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Hello i am Evi, born and raised in Thessaloniki and a lawer since 2005. Expept for sports and extreme sports in nature, my other great love is to travel. When i come back from a trip i have to preper the next one to feel good.

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