Sea kayak at Pelion - From Damouchari to Fagkistra beach and back.

Athina Ioannidou
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"We'll go to sea kayak," Apostle said one day. He was living right next to us in “Germaniko” hostel that we were staying. His room was also the headquarters of the “Pelion Secrets” that promises outings with sea kayaking, hiking and herb gathering in the beautiful paths of Pelion mountain.

Sea kayaking then! I had never done it before, kayaking in the sea, only in river waters. But it was a fantastic opportunity to see eastern Pelion from the sea and go to beaches that you can not easily access through the road network.

So we entered our double kayaks and off we go. The route was Damouchari - Fagkistra and back. On full day excursions Apostle makes regular excursion with sightseeing, picnic, swim at beaches and visits to sea caves. We followed the easy schedule that totals to three hours return.

Slowly we paddled around steep slopes, natural sources of water, hidden fishing spots, the secret school of Fagkistra and its cave. There, in the cave we stopped as we were fishermen caught by the whether to catch a breath and soon after then we continued to our final destination Fagkistra beach, which is one of my favorite. Small, remote, fonts in the sea and a huge waterfall falling from behind the beach. Magical!

The return was a little boring, as all journeys that come to the end, so we quick paddled back while Apostle told us stories about deep water fishes, dolphins that often come to play along and seals playing with their bootstraps when they fish.


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