Islet of Trikeri, a rare beauty of Southern Pelion.

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This unique islet of rare beauty called 'Trikeri' can be found in Southern Pelion Peninsula and can be visited only by water taxi. You better drive to Alogoporos and take the water taxi from there. Cars don't exist on the island, everything is done on foot down from the harbor to the paths around the island.

This small piece of land holds a lot of history and people's agony: in the past, it used to be and exile for women (imagine something analogous to Makronissos, but only for women). 5,000 political prisoners were exiled and lived here from 1948 to 1953.

"History Interval.

Trikeri is placed in popular memory as a place of exile of thousands of militants and fighters who fought for freedom, peace and independence in the years of occupation and civil war. Militants were exiled to the island from 1947 to 1949, when they moved exiled women to Makronissos and then again at Trikeri from 1951 to 1953. The exiled women in Trikeri wrote their own history through exemplary endurance, bravery and wisdom."

If you look at the top of the island, you will see an incredibly imposing monastery of exceptional interest, the Monastery of the Annunciation. Considering that the island is almost uninhabited, to reach the monastery you should walk a path full of extreme nature and while going up the hill you will observe around and have the time to imagine the daunting past that haunts this place. 

The monastery has a really great view over the sea and you can stay there if you are the lonely type of person or you need some isolation (or writer, why not?). You can be hosted at the monastery if you want to stay on the island. You will not find much comfort but the views of the landscaped gardens and the austere lifestyle will enchant you.

The island has many restaurants with delicious fish. Do not forget that you are in Pelion, which means Volos, which  means: "a glass of rake = mezze 1+ 2", so you can try them all following the method of "RAKE-hopping»! We visited all the villages, starting with our sweet Agia Kyriaki, and sat to every restaurant we found to eat and take infinite photos of Rake-eating by the sea and next to the fishing boats.

Photos by Trikeri Villas and Urban Hypsteria


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