Carnival at Skyros island.

Ioannis Vryzas
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I arrive in Kimi, which is a small harbor minutes away from Chalkida. I pationatelly waited for the ship to arrive that would take me to Skyros, thinking only the great Pasta with Lobster I would enjoy with friends in the Island.

Skyros is one of the most neglected islands of the Sporades but hides some great secrets. One of these secrets it’s the traditional (Dionysian) Carnival. I visited the island despite my initial hesitation cause my friends convinced me that some islands are worth it even in the winters.

Arriving in the Chora of the island at early evening of Saturday I got immediately engaged. The ones called “Geroi”  meaning elderly were wearing some huge bells on them and the costume was full off black thick fur. Those bells were producing a blasting sound that could wake you up from any state of mind, and then there was wine, and then there was dancing in the traditional rhythm of the Sporades songs and dances. Mingled locals and visitors enjoying something like an ecstasy of the moment.

After two hours it was time to grab this lobster bite that my friends had arranged  so we went to a local place called adraxti and we enjoyed one of the best lobsters I have ever had (Skyros is Known for its Lobsters). The next day was Sunday, and the tradition continued in the same manner. Along the narrow paths of the island you could hear the sounds of the bells, and people dressed like "Geroi" and other dressed like "Coreles"(young women), where parading the island and making some noise. We took a way towards Brouk square, following the parade, drinking wine and enjoying the fuzz.

On Monday you will meet a completely different carnival tradition. No more "Geroi"and "Coreles". Today is the day for the tradition of the "Trata", where singers and actors, walk around the villages singing and acting like comedians. This tradition is used to make a fool of people, circumstances of the people's reality and every day life.

TIPS: Skyros is amazing even during the winter and is offering you loads of opportunities to taste the fine food of the island and have fun until the dawn.


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