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Alonissos - The other island (as a friend of mine says), is one of the islands I love the most because it offers all these things i am looking for: Nature - Sea - Serenity.  Alonissos is the third island of Sporades islands and, in my opinion, the most beautiful. I chose it for this years vacations and have no regrets at all. I returned calm and full of memories.

So are you ready for a little tour in Alonissos?

Sea: Literally you can swim everywhere! The island consists of small bays with a variety of sand or pebbles. The water is more than beautiful and the sea bed is great. You wear a mask, dive and in front of you there is a picture of wrecks and fishes. On the north side of the island is said to be a small beach that during the ancient years holded a ceramics workshop . You can see the ancient amphoraes all around you.  Other beaches to remember are: Chrisi Milia, Georgie Gialos, Kokkinokastro, Ag.Dimitrios. Almost all of the have an organized sector with sun loungers and parasols.

Tracks: The island did not always have streets so villages were linked by paths or boats. Many of these paths are left intact. If you don't have transport, you should try visiting these beaches by boat or bus.

Food: The best ever! Whatever and wherever you eat it will be written in you memory forever. We arrived on the island and were immediately informed us about the local “goodies”. First we tried Alonisso's honey. Then we tried tuna and lobster (the best can be found in the village "Steni Valla") . Finally, in the chora of Alonissos you can eat authentic Italian gelato and incredible burgers.

Sightseeings: The Island is not known for a certain attraction. The only special thing you can do is a boat trip to the marine park of Sporades. There lives the rare monk  "Monachus Monachus". If you are lucky you will see dolphins and various species of birds. Finally, at the chora you will see destroyed and restored houses (due to the earthquake of '63 ), mostly owened by Italians and Germans.

What I remember: the sound of crickets. The turquoise waters and colorful pebbles. The sunset view from chora. The silence that prevails, but not due to reduced tourism.

I recommend it all of you who want to rest and wander. Visit Alonissos and you will not miss a thing! I went twice already and would definitely go for a third time. I will charm you and offer you anyhting you ask for.

Tips: You need a car to be able to see everything.


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Eleftheria Psoma

My name is Elefheria Psoma and i work as a tourist guide in Volos area. When i am planning a trip, as a traveler, i know from the beginning that i will be very tired when it end, but full of moments, memories, knowledge and scenery on my mind. I want to go everywhere, to see, taste and hear everything. I' ve always excited by traveling and maybe this is the reason why I chose to work as a licensed tourist guide, with first degree in Archaeology. My favorite hero is Odysseus, the traveller, and god Dionysus, god of freedom of people and over every rule. I love the sea because of Kavala, in which I grew up, Thessaloniki and Rhodes, where I studied and Volos, where i do live at the moment .

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