The wonderfully traditional Arnaia village, Halkidiki

Athina Ioannidou
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Arnea, in my opinion, is the most beautiful and preserved mountain village in Halkidiki.

It is built on mountain Holomontas almost 600 meters from the sea and i said to be the base of Ierissos Metropolis, Mount Athos and Adrameriou. I do not know what this means, but the village was definitely  built by monk workmen.

Arnaia is labeled as "Historical site" as well as "Traditional site" and yes I think it worths both titles.

The beauty lies in the nostalgic cobbled streets and the narrow passages, the renovated houses in various shades of yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, green. A colorful and beautiful little village where the walking tour resembles a small tour in history.

You will find the Historical Map of Arnaia in the shops or in the hostels of the area, on which are marked all the historic buildings you can visit and learn about each building's history, who owned it and what historical event happened in this house. Very nice !

Do not forget that the same Melina Mercouri, impressed by the historicity of the village, took care to restore the Folklore Museum, by the allocation of the Ministry of Culture. You will also meet somewhere in your way the museum of textiles.

Arnaia is known for weaving, beekeeping, bee products and the local liquor "Mountovina" , which you can try at Domaine Claudia Papagianni. I bought some honey and beeswax to make traditional creams!

Where to eat

  1. The Alexander House - Excellent homemade food. Specialties are Ntolmadakia with egg and lemon.
  2. Tavern Nostimo - At the Square. Manolis serves very good snacks .


  1. Strofi Ninas
  2. The House of Alexander
  3. Mansion Mitsiou

For coffee or drink

One is the selection - the "Fuayie" to order double greek coffee with lukumi.

Have fun and send us your impressions or other personal suggestions.


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