Columbοs beach - the yogi, gay and nudists beach.

Manos Mpatzolis
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8,5 km away from Fira towards Oia you will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini, the beach of Colombus. The name was given not because Colombus once sailed here but because of the active volcano of Colombus which stands some 8km from the shore.

After 5-6km on your way from Fira to Oia you will notice a sign that will take you right and then left towards a big downhill. Stop there and park your car, after a few meters you will cross by a sign with the name "Colombus. 

A small and narrow path will lead you to the beach. You can't miss the huge rocks created by the lava of the volcano. Truly amazing, standing there in awe. These beautiful rocks will keep you under the shadow on the very hot days of summer. 

This place is very quite, ideal for relaxation and meditation. Nudist are also fans. The sea water is slightly warmer than at the rest beaches of the island due to the existance of the active volcano. You can also get at the Cave of the seal if you get to swim behind the rocks.

Such a cool place! Chilled even during the very touristic summer months. Enjoy the scenery, the sea, the rocks, the water in perfect calmness and ease.


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