Saroniko Islands

Here we are! Just arrived in Hydra island not for summer vacations but for their annual imaginative traditional carnival we have heard so many from our friends. Normally, back in the old days, the carnival period used to start on the 17th of January, on the day of Saint Constantine the Great...
Paradise Beaches
Hydra is a very special island and very different compared to the rest of the Greek island because cars are prohibited and the only way to move across the island is by donkeys! Another interesting thing about it, is the scenery. It combines mountain and beach holidays, as there are lots of paths...
Delicious Food
Hydra is special for many many reasons. First of all cars are prohibited in the whole island, which enables children and older children like me to go out and play, without having worried mamas. I believe in Hydra, because it is a beautiful and calm place, with lots and good people, amazing beaches...
Paradise Beaches
The best place you should definitely visit is " Love Bay ", a beautiful small creek among trees, which will charm your mind and your heart. Not unfairly took his name. The green water will relax you and seduce your senses in a magical journey with destination what else? love! According to the old...
Poros is one of the most common destinations this summer, not only because it is near Athens, but also because it is quite economical. You will have a pleasant stay in the splendid rooms of « PANORAMA APPARTMENTS » Askeli, located a few kilometers from the port of Poros. The view from the rooms is...