Must stay: at Ardamis Mansions in Monemvasia.

Eleni Mathioudaki
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Monemvasia .... words are not enough for this place.

Beautiful, magical, mysterious, Monemvasia calls for you.

My experience from the castle of Monemvasia was unique. We stayed at the Ardamis Mansions, we tasted delicious mezze and we enjoyed beautiful sceneries!

We were accomodated at Μr. Ardamis rooms in a building over 800 years old which is preserved up to now. It was renovated keeping its original shape. Neither the interior or the exterior was changed. The walls, the arches, the windows, even the doors were preserved. The preserving regulations are so strict in Monemvasia that no change is allowed.

Mr. Vasilis Ardamis told us the whole story. He is such a hospitable, smilling and available host, ready to explain the uniqueness of the building in detail.

He told us all about the famous "well" located in one of his suites. It used to be the only well exhisted were water was concentrated. The well is a part of the building and nobody could take it out. Historians were able to measure the building's age and is one of the few buildings in Monemvasia to have this privilege.

Mr Vasilis hosted us at Suite No 18, which was superb! Our room was next to the castle walls with an amazing view to the Aegean sea. Our bed was a dream and the duvet was the most warm and fluffy ever. The bathroom was clean and elegant. The mansion's lounge was dressed with its christmas goodies with a sculpted wooden dining table in the middle. We honestly could't leave the space.

Staying at such a historic room and building gave me an impecable feeling. I though i experienced a different era of time.

The huge balcony was an amazing spot too. The moment you stepped on it you had an endless view of the Aegean and felt you are the owner of this world. We enjoyed the balcony for many hours and when we got enough we went back to enjoy the view of the city with its stone houses and its arches. The view ended at the empty upper city and the castle walls.

We want to thank Mr. Vasilis and his lovely mansion for the amazing experience.


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