Mani Peninsula: Wild scenery - Lovely people.

Christina Maniati
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Waking up at Githeio is magical because you will face towards the sea from any part of the city. Dress up with you most easy clothes, give yourself some positive energy and start your journey to explore Mani Peninsula.

The road will take you to Areopolis, a preserved traditional settlement that impressed us with its many churches. Just above you will pass Limeni port and over that gorgeous Etilo. When leaving Aeropoli it worths stopping at the famous caves of Derou and then do some boating in deep waters, to admire the sculptures of nature. Your next stop should definitely be in Gerolimena, formerly the largest port of Inner Mani Peninsula. Built on the sea, the settlement predisposes you to enjoy your ouzo with seafood and octopus.

On your way to Cape Tainaron you will cross by the amazingly clear waters of Kiparrisos, finding it really hard not to try them. Personal advice: do not resist! Wet but cool keep wandering in Vatheia, the old Castle-city of Mani, which is going to leave you sleepless with its wild and imposing beauty.  Just before you reach the south end of Mani Peninsula you will cross by two beautiful bays with fine sand and blue water: you are in Marmari ! You are now a breath away from the southernmost point of mainland Europe and the entrance to Hades according to ancient Greeks, Cape Tainaron ! Reach to the lighthouse and enjoy the vastness of the sea. A unique feeling of freedom will conquer you.

While going back to Gytheio you can observe the incredible mountains of Mani and understand why these are has never been conquered.

Your next stop should be Porto Kayo. Grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful sheltered natural harbor also a passage of many migratory birds. As you go further, you get more and more impressed by the small stone villages. Reaching Kotronas, one of the largest villages of Eastern Mani, stop for lunch by the sea.

Along the way, do not hesitate to make friends with the locals. They are among the most hospitable people, who love their land dearly and are always willing to lead you to the best places and offer you local delicacies, like lalaggia and travihtes.


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