Iris Guesthouse in Agios Ioannis- Like a home to us.

Iosif Papadopoulos
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The last 20 years I travel and I have stayed in very nice hotels, apartments, chalets, etc. First time, after so many trips I found and I stayed in a hostel that was .... 'my house' .... The IRIS Guesthouse in Agios Ioannis few minutes out of Mystras.

The story begins with my trip to Laconia and specifically to Mistra and the agreement I had with Georgia for my stay at hostel IRIS. The appointment we had arranged when I just arrived in Sparta was in front of the statue of Leonidas. Due to commitments Georgia was unable to welcome us and finally her sister Despina came, who managed the hostel with Georgia. Her smile, when we saw her, was the best introduction to what we would meet then. Cheerful and extremely detailed, she led us to their beautiful hostel in a few minutes, where we immediately confirmed for the very good image we had during our meeting. She toured us to all the rooms of the house and she gave us generously whatever information we asked about the home, the neighborhood and the attractions.

Only one thing I can say .... There isn't "a hostel" ... it's a normal 2-storey house, which anyone would have envied. Built in the early 1900s by the grandfather of the girls and the largest part of it was made from stone. Despina told us that until a few years ago the girls and their parents lived in this house. The house is truly "home" with all the sense of the word. On the lower floor you will encounter except of the fully equipped kitchen, a huge living room with fireplace, dining room and a bar waiting to welcome drinkers of the group. The sense of the place is unique. You really feel like you're at home. The decor, furniture and all the elements of space are those that everyone can have at his home and they create a familiar, friendly and warm environment.

Going upstairs we don't know which of the 3 bedrooms to choose. The two of them have double beds and the other has 2 single and they are ready to accommodate couples, groups and families, giving the opportunity to each guest has his own room. The house has three different bathrooms that ensure a comfortable and trouble-free coexistence of several persons. And here all the elements, materials and furniture are completely homemade with taste and harmony with the area.

Coming out in the yard, the coffee is a must in the lawn, with the sound of cicadas to tickle your ears. From the front porch, you relax and your gaze nailed in a huge tree that is right in front of you, which is foliage is so dense that the sun struggles to penetrate. The sound of running water creates an enjoyable feng-shui situation that is incredibly relaxing. The benefits they offer are awesome. In addition to wi-fi and air conditioning, the winter visitors expect plenty of wood for the fireplace and heating system with radiators (for those who feel the cold more). The fridge is stocked with the essentials for our breakfast (juice, butter, jam, etc.), our bread and all materials for various types of coffees.

Whatever I say about benefits is not enough to compete with what we saw after our afternoon walk. We opened the door and found a pan of freshly baked orange-pie, which was waiting for us in the kitchen. It had made by the mother of the girls, Mrs. Maria, a few hours ago. Probably the best orange-pie I've eaten in my life. Staring into the space (just before our departure) my gaze falls on the guestbook and I browse it slowly. What do I see; Except from visitors from various parts of Greece, I find gratitude references from many European countries but also from Australia, Israel, Canada, California, South Africa and China (probably because I do not know to distinguish ideograms).

From all the corners of the earth, they have come and feel the homely warmth of hostel IRIS. Almost all references closed with the phrase .... "You made us feel like our home '...... that's what did the girls to me and I thank them very much..... As we leave we keep the warm, familiar, homely and welcoming feel that hostel IRIS gave us and of course the sweet taste of Mrs Mary's orange-pie..... thank you ....


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Hey there, i am Iosif and i am 28 years old. I work for a private company but my free time is all! I have covered more than 500,000 km in Greece and almost 30,000km in Europe by car. But still believe that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, having to many places to discover. Every year that passes my trips reduce but i try to grab every opporunity to satisfy my need to travel.

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