The Horse show of Andravida, Peloponnese

Christina Maniati
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As a kid I remember waiting with great anticipation the feast of Saint Sophia, which signify in my mind the beginning of autumn. But what I was expecting more was to visit the horse show of Andravida with my grandfather. My grandfather was the most suitable person for this visit because for many years he was breding horses, which had been awarded many times. He was the most suitable person to answer any questions of my childhood.

He was certainly not the only one as horse breeding and in general love for horses is a tradition from the ancient years. Such is the love for horses that since the ancient times people in Andravida keep breeding on the biggest and fine Greek horses, the race of Andravida.

During the Franks era, when Andravida was the capital of the Principality of Achaia, local horses were cross-breed with the heavy horses of Frankish knights and later when Greece was under the Turkish rule, with oriental horses. Thus rose the race of Andravida, retaining many characteristics of its ancient ancestors. The main feature of these horses is their height (above 1.50-1.60) and their very stocky body.

Horse races in the area started since the ancient years. In 1928 the first horse show of Andravida was hold. Since then every year on the feast of Saint Sophia many residents of the valley and surrounding areas participat in the exhibition, where the best horses are crowned and the owners win a considerable amount of money. From 1941 to 1947 the show stoped and was restarted in 1948. Since then it is organized annualy, with horses participating from all over Greece and many events associated with horses. In 2004 the Equestrian Club of Andravida was founded and the equestrian parade was established to welcome the first day of Spring (1st of May).


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Christina Maniati

I like to travel and travel is for me an investment and a source of knowledge for every human. In my free time i travel around Greece. In every place i visit i tend to learn people's habits and customs, i like to taste their local food, to visit archeological spots and museum and to enjoy the nature. I also like to combine my love for travel with my love for photography. 

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