Chlemoutsi, Clermont castle or Castel Tornese at Elis, Peloponnese.

Christina Maniati
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Leaving from Patras and directed towards the fields of Elis your attention will be captured by a castle on a hill that breaks the monotony of the flat landscape. Especially during the evening time you will be impressed by the sight of the illuminated castle, which is distinguished from kilometers away. Chlemoutsi or Clermont as it was called by French owners or Castel Tornese as named by the Venetians. Constructed around 1220, the time of the Franks, by Geoffrey II Villehardouin, it was made to protect the capital of the principality, "ANDRAVIDA" and the seaport, "Glarentza".

Today it is one of the most preserved castles in Greece, within which it operates a museum. In the surrounding lies a small village, named the Castle. The view from the site is unique because you can observe Zakynthos island and Kefalonia until your eye gets lost in endless turquoise of the Ionian Sea. Apart from the view you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches, the "Gold Coast". Blue, shallow waters, fine sand ... ideal destination for rest and relaxation. The  beaches lenght counts to ​​several kilometers including the "Baths of Kyllini" with its pine trees, dunes and unique sand lilies and ending at the "Arkoudi", a small seaside village where you can eat and enjoy a cup of coffee next to the sea.

The unique element of all three areas, is the fact that they have been kept pristine and untouched by tourism. So for those who love history, nature, tranquility and the sea, it is definitely the place to be. Take your book, your umbrella and your mat (because there are organized areas but the beach is so big that you can easily isolate) and ... HAVE A GOOD RELAXATION!


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I like to travel and travel is for me an investment and a source of knowledge for every human. In my free time i travel around Greece. In every place i visit i tend to learn people's habits and customs, i like to taste their local food, to visit archeological spots and museum and to enjoy the nature. I also like to combine my love for travel with my love for photography. 

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