The Stories of Mpelleiko Guesthouse, in the heart of Peloponnese.

Eva Krokidi
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You have just entered the picturesque village of Stemnitsa. After crossing the whole village take the road on your right and there it is the Mpelleiko Guesthouse!

An old house that has been transformed by Nena, the owner and soul of the Guesthouse, into the most beautiful accommodation of Stemnitsa. A house that belonged to her mother and her family from 1650! What a great honor to stay even for a while at such a historic house.

Go up the stone stairs, with the pots and small gardens in the corners and you're in a living room, that has the role of reception, with a breathtaking view over the village. Sit at the table next to the fireplace and in front of you, outside the traditional wooden windows of the stone house you can observe the whole village. Tranquil. Relaxing in a blazing energy environment.

The aura of the place is unique and the tea Nena pours in your cup is supplementing the warm atmosphere. The small peculiar details of the decoration also continue at the bedrooms are, making you feel that they have been placed there especially for you. In the bedroom we discovered a small personal yard, with the same delightful view to the village, which made us feel like kings of Stemnitsa. Leather handmade lamps, stone corners, fireplaces in all rooms, embroidered curtains and runners walls embroidered or woven by Nena's grandmother, have been carefully selected by Nena to decorate the whole Guesthouse. People with taste, are my own favorite.

The living room is a meeting place for all guests at Mpelleiko. Dutch, Israelis, Italians, Greeks, everyone tends to gather there, with music selected from the music collection of Nena, to discuss, exchange opinions and unite their cultures, ideas and friendships tasting Raki with honey or handmade liqueur or eating sweets.

The Nonexistent TV helps even more to the serenity of the Guesthouse. And in the morning, very early, the nightingales that mate this season will wake you up like the most unique alarm clock. The breakfast will be waiting for you, delicious black bread, 29 types of homemade jam, treats Nena has prepared all in the same morning, hot coffee, butter, white tablecloth with crockery reminiscent of the old times, overlooking the village just wakes up and the sun's rays to bathe with an almost exotic tinge.

The hostel Mpelleiko in taking us back in time. It offered us the opportunity for a therapeutic stay and a complete relaxation just before meeting the exquisite nature of Lousios river, monasteries and other sightseeings Nena suggested to discover.

Eventually paradise is located in this corner of Stemnitsa, at the heart of the Peloponnese.


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