A walk at "The Round of Arvanitia" in Naplion city.

Maria Ristani
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In Nafplio you leave the car at the port and walk the city round and round. The old neighborhood, only for pedestrian throughout, is so great to walk that you can't get enough of it. But just around the corner and on the left side of the port, starts a beautiful route known locally as "The Round of Arvanitias".

It is probably the best option during the sunset when the sky colors change; the landscape will compensate you for over one kilometer, which in the end you will wish you could extend...!). As we move away from the starting point - the port - the paved road narrows and soon you will find yourself walking between rock and sea.

Our rhythm was so relaxed that we forgot the noise of the city and walked towards the Argolikos bay. On our way we crossed by the beautiful church of the Virgin Mary, which the Venetians called the Lady of the Cave (Santa Maria della Grotta) since it is literally built into the rock of Akronafplia.

After a short time walking on the "Round of Arvanitia" we got literally sucked in a landscape of stone, nature and water, unique sounds, seagulls and waves. We sat at the handmade benches to rest - the city was lost behind us. Only the view of Palamidi reminds you where you are.

The route ends in the small square of Arvanitia - on the one hand stands the nostalgic Hotel Xenia and on the other the Arvanitia Beach, beloved by locals since it is literally a breath away from the city. The best reward after a long walk! 

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I was born in a city surrounded by mountains, with a lot of fog and lake waters. This feelings of suffocation is probably making me wanna escape. I cannot stand routine, i rebel on quite afternoons, i dispise that my balcony looks over other balconies. Travelling is my oxygen. I prepare my luggage with depressed energy. I take trains and airplanes, i feed myself with pictures and speed. I breath. 

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