A unique trip to Lake Tsivlou, Patra

Eva Krokidi
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You live in a simple, big city like Patra and you wonder what is going to be your next photographic excursion. An invitation comes and your friends are waiting for you in a place you would never imagine.

This is Lake Tsivlou, you lucky destination.

This lake is 25 km from Akrata and Achaea region, towards the mountain. When you pass by Akrata village, do not miss the Akrata schools, the famous Gymnasium and Lycium, which are buidlings of unique beauty, gems of the area.

You have to cross the whole mountain, pass by a lot of turns, to reach up the top where the lake is. The view during the journey is magnificent because you look at the Korinthiakos.

A small road will take you to a little forest next to the lake's band. The picture is breathtaking since you have beneath your eyes blue-green waters surrounded by high fir mountains.

My first thought was that...nah, am i in Switzerland or not? The walk around the Lake Tsivlou gave me a piece of mind and a calmness i really enjoyed making me forget the difficutly to arrive here. Its beauty filled my heart.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the scenery and i wondered "How did i not know about this lake all this time?" It was so close to where i live.

We sat at a bench to enjoy the fruits of our excursions, the green, the waters, the flaura and fauna.

When we filled our souls with enjoyment, we decided to visit the local tavern "Petrino" to complete the pleasure list. "Petrino" was perfect, with great dishes and an amazing view of the scenery.

Going back to Patra was much easier after a day full of pleasures.

Don't you miss the Lake. I totally suggest it!


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Eva Krokidi

My Name is Eva Krokidi, born in Corfu but have been living in Patra. My job as a School Consultant demands my travelling in 16 different places which i like to visit also as a tourist. I love travelling and my top destination is ofcourse Corfu. Travelling around the world, participating in a Brazilian Carnival and a Crouise to Alaska are my ultimum goals. Until then i travel and photograph anything passing by.

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