Taking Odontotos train to Kalavrita.

Christina Maniati
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This train will take you up to the mountains and so did with us a Saturday morning. From Diakopto Station, next to a sculpture of Dionysis Papagianopoulos we waited for the train to take us to places not accessible by car.

Thankfully the train came on time and we patiently wait to get on board. The trip started with a whistle and then we took the road next to the snaiky way of Vouraikos River. The further we went the steeper the route became so at some point we had to drill through the mountain to continue our travels.

We crossed a bunch of tunnels and narrow bridges but the river was still next to us as our guide. The nature was green and calm on the one hand and on the other hand it was wild and imposing, making our feelings to get mixed up. Certainly an experience!

On the train we were all excited, taking millions of pictures, trying to make the moments still. Exclamation of awe and impressed remarks could be heard from every mouth on the car.

Many of the travellers left the train at Zahlorou station in order to reach Kalavrita on foot. The route is quite amazing as you get to walk next to the train rails and parallel to Vouraikos River. Amazing views.

We didn't try this option, but kept with the train which managed to reach Kalavrita Station, the last stop, after an hour or so.

(The description is about Odontotos train from Diakopto to Kalavrita Station)


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