The Lost Unicorn was found in Pelio.

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The Lost Unicorn is one of the prettiest and most historic traditional guesthouses of Tsagarada (Pelion). Look how it all started.

Around 1890 some exquisite craftsmen from Eperos made the building which housed the Lost Unicorn and a beautiful church on a large stone courtyard just oposite the guesthouse. In 1944 it housed the carbinieria, the Italian conquerors of Pelion, and some years later, around 1952, it opened its doors as the first hotel in Tsagarada named "Hellas".

Many royal or not asses have sat in the seats and have slept as single travelers or couples. The Unicorn who was built next to one of many beautiful streams of Tsagarada is embraced by the, flowers and ivy, was bought, in 1994, by Claire and Chris.

Since 1994 this couple has created an exquisite guesthouse, based on high standards, friendly and welcoming, ready to accommodate the visitors of Tsagarada and serve them with what their soul desires.

The building, as you can see in the pictures, is of a colonial style, with strong accents of English decoration and a lovely yard. Pergolas filled with flowers, flower beds with herbs and ornamental plants, fer forge furniture dressed with romantic pillows and a zen fountain.

The interior design reminded me of a vintage shop, combining the form of a vacation house, with its dining room, living room and a huge library with many books that can be enjoyed on fluffy sofas. Our room was number 6, having a tall wooden bed with romantic covers and an amazing balcony. No more to say, just check the pics.

You should certainly visit it even if you decide not to stay there. It has a fantastic breakfast and probably the best dinner throughout Tsagarada.

Claire and Chris are waiting for you. Just let them know that Alternatrips have sent you on their doorstep.


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