It Rocks: 12 months hotel in Tsagarada, Pelion

Anastasia Arampatzi
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After a hard week and a tiring journey , we arriced at 12 Months Luxury Hotel in the evening. From the first moment we were impressed with it.

At the reception a very sweet lady was waiting for us to welcome us warmly and lead us to our room. The cold was intense and we were looking forward to go to our room, Room 41! The girl gave us a room tour of the area, informed us about breakfast time (9:00 to 11:00 am) and told us we had a free-hour at the SPA, which included a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi.

Our joy was indescribable!

As reference our room was lovely and very relaxing too! The bed was large and very soft, but the most beautiful spot , which I loved, was a very sweet corner, which was equipped to make a drink (eg tea or coffee ) and enjoy it at the couch next door. It was beautiful!

The bathroom area was ideal, so we took a hot bath, lying down to wake up early and enjoy the day after us. Next day Breakfast was served and we did taste all those delicious things the cooks made for us and the rest of the residents. After breakfast time we we ready to experience beautiful Tsagarada.

We also had the chance to try the specially designed area of the Play Room, where there was a pool table and ping pong. After playing a game of pool we went to get ready for hours of total relaxation. When we arrived at the SPA, we were expected by a girl, who guided us in the field, showed us the machines and the relaxation started. Because of this relaxing feeling we had, we decided to stay for dinner at the hotel and enjoy our tranquility.

The restaurant's menu was made ​​up mostly by snacks ( eg club sandwich, pizza, salads , pancakes , etc.). Our evening ended at the beautiful corner of our room, sipping a hot drink.

The final conclusion? The 12 Months Luxury hotel had succesfully satisfied our senses and helped us relax and escape from everyday routine!


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Anastasia Arampatzi

Nothing gives me more pleasure than travelling. I love the trains, the airplains, the boats, i love breathing the air of unknown cities. When i travel i feel like a child looking at things like a newborn. I get this amazed look of a child when discovering the world. Travel is always an escape. I travel to get away from everyday routine, to meet new worlds, to get in different dimensions. Travel is magic.

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