Atmospheric Skala bar in Tsagarada, Pelion.

Athina Ioannidou
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We can't stop enoying the beautiful land of Pelion and Tsagkarada area, but now its time for a good drink and although we are going up and down the central street, we still haven't found a bar to inspire us. We need to drink one, two or five chilled drinks.

We have 2 or 3 bar on our list, but still can't decide which one to choose, so we rolled the dice and chose one called Skala bar.

The god of luck was on our side.

This bar was not randomly named Skala bar, which means Stairs bar in Greek, cause the way toward the chilled drinks and the music required to go up a bunch of stone stairs with trees on our right or left and a decorated yard.

At the end of the stairs we entered a big yard with a 2 floor old house. There we were! At the Skala bar!

We were the first to drop and quite lucky to find a nice spot to sit because the bar got full with live drinkers and dancers after an hour or so. Komninos is the owner of the bar-house and as the legends says he inherited this house from his grandpa. Komninos comes from Thessaloniki, so as you can understand he is very open and hospitable.

Our hearts opened likes flowers, the glasses got full and the music and conversations covered the sounds of the nature around us. We truly enjoyed the music: Blues, rock n' roll, Jazz, Greek Rempetiko, Chatzidakis.

We discovered a diamont!


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