The story of a western through Thasos (Maries,Kastro,Limenaria)

Vagelis Ferelis
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The story of a journey by Vangelis Ferreli.

This year we decided with my friend to go ride the mountains without a specific destination. We started early in the morning bound for the village of Theologos. Started by Skala Maries and arrived at an intersection that read left Maries - pond, right Limenaria they were our initial destination. Seeing the sign "artificial lake" we thought that something interesting will have learned that direction. The trip was filled with olive groves and beehives. Arriving in the village of Maries, cross and continue on dirt road to climb to the pond. The breathtaking scenery leads us to a nice little lake with dense vegetation reminiscent of exotic resort and a small waterfall... a family to swim and play on the shore.

Then our journey we met a "lady" who was selling honey and other local products, which gave us valuable guidance for the ascent to Ypsario. Following the instructions and got a stunning landscape high enough where you had to keep the door to the left Ypsario but something piqued our interest from the other side of the road. Had a large stone on which he wrote up «OLD TAVERN - KASTRO». Up to this point the road was relatively easy for any car. From the moment we took the road to the castle things went wild. We spent from all kinds of animals, shrubs, Chal reminiscent of old movie Western, dense vegetation type Amazon, pine classic Greek, and other species that we did not know. We arrived at the Castle. A little relief since we did a long time without seeing any culture, except goats, goats and beehives. A very nice small village on the edge of the mountain with well-preserved houses and a magical landscape. The view indemnify us for bumpy ride. Reaching the end where there was a small church we met Bob and Helen, eat. Going to the edge of the village was built a stone church simple, uncluttered and unfortunately locked. In the same room even had a stone building where we saw looking through the following.

We took the way back, way who was on the map, there was a GPS but only road was not. It took 5-6 times to get off our vehicle to empty the road of stones so they can pass. It took 2-3 places the car banked near 45 degrees to move the huge nerofagies. We did about 15 miles in 2 hours, reaching an intersection in the middle of nowhere only to find that we took the old road to the castle and that eventually was young and relatively easier. As they saw the tarmac, we were so excited as sailors facing land after many months at sea. We ended Limenaria they threw a dip in the sea of ​​medals below the palace.

Photography by Vagelis Ferelis.

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Vagelis Ferelis

Hello, my name is Vagelis F. I like wandering around and finding out about places tha aren't on any travel guide. That's why i like Alternatrips so much. You wont find these tips anywhere else. I like to photograph and i try "to pass" my point of view through my photographic lens.

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