Fish Tavern "Limani" at Limenaria, Thasos

Athina Ioannidou
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"Limani" Fish Tavern is situated oposite the entrance of the port in Limenaria, that is why they called it Limani (meaning port) when they were deciding for a birth name!

Mr. Argyropoulos is the one responsible for this tavern. He is preparing all the delicious food with his team of people and his brother is playing the bouzouki along with his friends that join him often to play music or sing.

We went on a Saturday night, we had fresh fish, a delicious soup, a dish of specially marinated anchovy  and local tsipouro. What a night! Around 11 pm it started raining so bad that people that sat next to the port had to gather around the tables on the tavern's balcony. All the people were united due to the physical disaster (it rained furiously for over 1 hour) and were eating and singing for the rest of the night, while Mr. Argyropoulos was playing rempetiko music with his friends.

If you want to contact them before you go to reserve a table or ask them to prepare some special kind of fish, call  25930 52790 and ask for Mr. Argyropoulos.


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